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The Cleaning Evolution

For over 41 years, United Services Group has proudly serviced their communities across Canada. The dream that began with founder Milan Kroupa Sr to create a service business has flourished and expanded as a janitorial and cleaning company, facility and maintenance provider, servicing over 100 million square feet daily.

This year United pushed through the challenges COVID-19 Pandemic brought forth.

While the world was in a crisis, navigating through the unprecedented pandemic; United was paving the way, innovating, expanding and reformatting their protocols

The mentality of “if it looks clean, it must be clean”, changed drastically for the general public as it did for the Cleaning Industry.

Every surface, and “high” touch point was an area of concern, worry and fear. The shift in general cleaning was no longer about shiny countertops, it was the disinfecting and proper sanitization.

United had been undercover during the early months of the widespread virus, aiding to the call of the grocery stores, pharmacies, warehouses, and most institutions that are deemed essential.

These clandestine experts are worthy of recognition as industry leaders in the Disinfecting, Sanitizing and Decontamination cleaning. Recently, United was asked to share their expertise with Facility Cleaning and Maintenance online magazine, to read full article click here >