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Ramping Up Cleaning Processes in the COVID World

United Services Group rises to the challenge of protecting the health and safety of communities in the grocery space.

By TANJA NOWOTNY (Contractor’s Corner – Spring 2021)

At the onset of the pandemic all of Canada was locked down to control the spread of the highly
infectious coronavirus. Grocery stores across the country soon felt the pressure.

Fuelled by survival instinct or fear, people rushed to their local grocery outlets and purchased anything they could carry. The mass crowds in these locations should have been an ideal breeding ground for this new virus but, somehow, the numbers did not reflect that. Why? Because of companies such as United Services Group, a janitorial services contracting company, whose specialty is cleaning in the retail grocery space. By taking measures in the early days to establish proper cleaning protocols, United was ready to ensure the safety of both its frontline cleaning crews, as well as the workers and community at large.

“Cleaning processes in the pre-COVID era emphasized cleaning for visual appeal to ensure customers returned to stores,” said United Services Group CEO, Michael Kroupa. “In fact, visually clean stores were cited as one of the top three reasons why customers return to a grocery store location. The mentality was, ‘if it looks clean, it must be clean,’ but post- COVID, the attitude has quickly changed due to fear of this unknown virus.”