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A bestowed Honor for United’s founder

NORAD stood for North American Aerospace Defense Command and that the U.S. and Canada had formed it originally in 1957 when Cold War tensions between the Soviet Union and the West were at their highest, to ensure the protection of North America. The NORAD Trophy was inaugurated in 2008 to mark the 50th anniversary of the North American Aerospace Defense Command. It has been selected by the NEC for presentation to individuals or organizations which have made significant contributions to the preservation and perpetuation of Canada’s rich aviation history, values and traditions. The NORAD Trophy is awarded annually to the most deserving individual, unit or organization:

“in recognition of their contribution to the promotion of the air force mission, values and traditions” Any Canadian individual or group, military or civilian, making a significant contribution to air force advocacy, the preservation of air force values, and/or the maintenance of air force traditions, history and heritage may receive this award.

The Ceremony

The RCAF Association’s esteemed NORAD Trophy was presented to Milan Kroupa at his Edenvale Aerodrome by the Ontario Group President Bob DiMillo on Friday, 26 June, 2020. The ceremony was organized by Murray Conley and was held at ‘M’ hangar with the mock-up of the Avro Arrow used as an appropriate back drop. Murray was assisted by many of our Wing members, especially Wally Capsticks who was the MC for the ceremony and Andy and Mary Lou Galton who made the program. After the Opening Ritual conducted by Chairman Bill Sergeant, Milan Kroupa was inducted into the RCAF Association and 441 Wing by Past President Bob Coxon. Milan was then presented with the prestigious NORAD Trophy by the RCAF Association’s Ontario Group President Bob DiMillo along with a keeper plaque and framed certificate.

“His entrepernual success has allowed him to contribute, via United Services, to charities such as The Hospital for Sick Children, and to Cancer Research. His Edenvale Aerodrome has also contributed greatly to Canadian Aviation financially and culturally.  ”

In response, Milan gave a short speech summarizing his arrival in Canada as a refugee, the success Canada afforded him in his endeavors, his interest in aviation, the opportunity it gave him to give back to this country and his appreciation for the honour being bestowed on him. There were several dignitaries in attendance for the awards ceremony including: MPPs Andrea Khanjin and Jim Wilson, Robert Morales representing MP Terry Dowdall, Clearview Township Mayor Doug Measures, and the RCAF Association’s Ontario Group Regional Director for the Central Region, Brenda Lynn Rice Wilson. All congratulated the six award winners: Milan, Les, Bette, Cookie, Ray and Michael.

The Avro Arrow

Milan found out the Avro Arrow 203 Replica was decaying at the Pearson Airport for many years, and as an avid classic aviation fan, he felt the need to save the Avro. Along with Matt Hinton and others, the Avro Arrow was brought to Edenvale Aerodrome.

The Avro Arrow replica is being kept in “M” Building, for all to appreciate and visit. Milan has gone steps further to create a Board of Directors for the foundation, EAHF. The foundation has many plans to grow the Museum while upholding the values Milan has lived by; Honesty, Intergrity, and Transperancy.