Commercial and Retail Washroom Fresheners

Pod System

Our Pod System offers a wide range of Commercial and Retail Air Freshener Dispensers, Air Freshener Dispenser Refills, Restroom Urinal Blocks.

Quick and easy installation with built-in sensors and programmable technology, our Pod Systems make it easy to address restroom concerns. Pods clean and refresh the air by both eliminating odours and cleaning urinals and drainage pipes.

This innovative cleaning system consists of four pods, all uniquely designed to keep your facility clean and fresh while suiting your individual needs. The Pod System includes the following products:

The PeePod
The Flush Pod
The FanPod (Programmable or Auto)
The DoorPod


PeePod™ is an environmentally-friendly, battery-free product that eradicates the need for any additional urinal blocks or cleaning agents. This unique product not only cleans and deodorizes urinals, but also eliminates urine crystals that have built-up in the drainage pipes over time.

PeePod™ will reduce plumbing costs by fully restoring urinals, and will also diminish unpleasant odours in your facility. The pod works when the unique Air Spencer Eco Sulfamic Acid (AS-ESA™) is placed directly in the pathway of flushing water in the upper part of the urinal.

Each flush then activates the cleaning agents and releases powerful deodorizers that remove urine crystals. This leaves urinals in like-new condition, restoring them to their original shape and removing built-up odours from the air.

FlushPod ™

FlushPod™ can be used for up to 1,000 flushes, and releases a fresh, natural scent when activated.

The colourless, organic surfactant helps prevent hard water and fecal soiling, prolonging the life of your toilet and the health of your plumbing system.


FanPod™ Auto uses innovative technology to switch your restroom air freshener on or off with the simple flick of the restroom light switch. Unlike other systems that remain on at all times, even when your facilities are closed, the FanPod™ saves battery-life and moderates fragrance refill evaporation, making it both economical and more environmentally-friendly. Waste less and get more out of your restroom air freshener with FanPod™ Auto.

FanPod™ Programmable works with a built-in timer for customized programming, allowing it to run for any desired amount of time on a pre-selected schedule. FanPod™ Programmable features a longer life and less waste, permitting each refill to last up to 60 days, and will run up to 12 months on only 2 batteries. There are various fragrance refills available for this product.


DoorPod™ is activated by the swinging of the restroom door, whereupon it releases Earth Essence™ natural fragrances. It takes just 7 seconds to install, requires no tape or screws, and takes only 7 minutes to refresh an entire restroom. The Very Berry and Sweetest Pea fragrances last up to 30 days, and are 100% recyclable.

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